Former Natural Mr. America Mike Duffy BS, CPT and Ernesto Roldan, CPPS, RKC, CPT have a combined 70 years of fitness training. They have come up with their 5 favorite, most effective, quick Ab Routines that can be done almost anywhere.

The Routines. . . . 

Love Handle Eliminator - slim, tone and reduce your Love Handles!

Hardcore- this routine will tighten up your Core!

Cheerleader Situp Ladder- don't let this name fool you, it is the toughest routine in the book!

Below the Belly Button Flattener- if you are having trouble in that hard to reach below the belly button area then this is the routine for you!

Iron Body- this routine will make your Abs feel like iron!

​Each routine comes with:

 In just 12 minutes or less you can develop a tight, lean & strong abdominal area.

Questions can be posted to our Facebook Page and Mike or Ernesto will answer them. It could not be any easier for you to get the routine and proper instruction that you need in order to Rock Your Abs FOREVER!

"Today was day 3 of the love handle eliminator... I think it was the first day that I got the whole workout down. Thank u so much.. this old girls gonna be the best she can be"  CWH Freehold, NJ


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